You have got to talk to her!

Sometimes it’s good to have a heart to heart talk with yourself. Naaah, it’s not a sign of madness :D. So you regularly receive encouraging updates from Jj; on why you ought to fight the good fight of faith, and see “the greatness in you that is before you” :D. That doesn’t even make sense you say. Basically, telling you, that you mustn’t give up on life. But after about 5 mins of reading it, your immediately uplifted mood is slapped back to the reality of your predicament, and the difference between what she’s told you and what you’re faced with.

Yeah, she can say whatever she wants to say, but she’s not living your life. It’s not that easy you know, to have hope, to have faith, to look beyond where you are and believe that you will one day get to a great place.

Sometimes “suga” you need to communicate with yourself. It’s not a sign of madness or weakness! You need to remind yourself of all the great things you’ve got going on in your life, and why the Joy of your Salvation, Jesus Christ – not wealth, not titles, not positions – is the SINGLE MOST important thing in life. And why everything else, yeah that great job, business, great and wonderful things, are just merely benefits of your salvation, which you will ultimately have. Your state of what you’re calling “poverty” in wealth, career, business, even in marriage will never always remain the way they are. Change is constant, and one day you will ask yourself, why you worried your life silly. Your faith in Jesus Christ, and Rest for your soul means that you are already an overcomer. And it’s just a matter of when, when everything falls into place. Angel, talk to yourself! So stop wasting your life, your time on fleeting accessories and focus on what’s important. You are alive, you are healthy and you have Jesus. Girl, you were born for greatness, and even if it tarries, you will get there. I hope you get what I’m saying. It’s Friday and it’s sunny outside, so put your stunners on, go get yourself a nice low fat yogurt, and mix in some mango pieces. Delicious! Yeah, I’m off to do just that. Enjoy yourself, life is wonderful and you my dearest you are already on your way to greatness :D. #HappyFridayEveryone #JesusIsReal #EverythingElseIsCounterfeit

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