The Truth sets free

Verse of the Day

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” [NLT] John 8:32


The written word of God the Bible did not tell us to have Blind Faith. On the contrary it insists that we test everything we see, hear and read. And even if one was to choose the route of Atheism even that requires you to have a great deal of faith to maintain it too. I can understand if you are uncomfortable with having blind faith by believing that Jesus Christ who was born some time ago was the son of God, that’s if you think there is a God that is. But no one who really believes in Jesus Christ was ever once comfortable with having faith in a God unknown to them, per se. But after searching deeply, studying the evidence, examining everything, there comes a time when you become persuaded that having faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ His son and our wonderful comforter the Holy Spirit isn’t blind after all. Test everything. Don’t just believe what the crowd says. Check the history, check the facts. Form your own views – not what someone says it ought to be, and that my friends, after everything, you will come to know this truth about this Faith in Jesus, and that knowledge will indeed set you free from every doubt you may have ever struggled with. #CaseForChrist #TruthAboutChrist #Verseoftheday #Devotional

LEE STROBEL: Case For Christ (Full Documentary)

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