Say something Nice!

Verse of the Day

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. [NLT] Proverbs 12:25


We learnt yesterday that a cheerful and lively heart is a wonderful medicine to the body. This therefore means that if you’re not cheerful, say for example, being sad will do your body NO good. A good way in making your heart sad is to let the worries of life get to you. There’s no point in making a problem worse by adding to it a worried heart. Things may not be the way it should be, or the news you expected may not be what you wanted, but that doesn’t mean you should then add to it worry. The bible reminds us that a heavy / anxious / worried heart, will weigh the person down; it is to be expected if you are worried about something which you technically can’t really change by being worried. If there are some news/situations that are keeping you up at night with worry, take it to the Lord Jesus, He says he cares for you, that you should put your burdens on Him. Knowing that Jesus is sorting everything out is enough to gladden your heart again don’t you think? And if you happen to know someone who is struggling with one situation or another which is making them sad, why don’t you try saying an encouraging word to them. And even if you don’t know of anyone, say something nice to someone today, you never know, you may just make their day! #Verseoftheday #Bible #Proverbs #Gladness #Sadness #Worried #Worry #Jesus #Sad #Cheerful #SaySomething #SaySomethingNice

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