His Delight!

Verse of the Day

He also brought me out into a broad place;

He delivered me because He delighted in me. [NKJV] Psalm 18:19


Wow what a testimony. Just today I was speaking with my BFF/Cuz/HomeGirl aka “Nwanyi eji eje mba” about how if I was ever an unbeliever, just seeing how good God has been to her and how far He has brought her was enough for me to put my faith in God. Seriously, the meaning of her name literally means “Thanking God”, and I can’t but thank God whenever I think on all the wonders of God over her life, and His wonders in my life. Indeed His words remind us that He brought us to a broad/spacious/large/wide place. A place of safety, simply because He delights in us. Isn’t that just grand! Yes, there will be struggles, but when we see how far Jehovah has brought us, we know for certain that we have no need to be afraid, because that struggle will never overcome us. So why don’t we try to keep our testimony continually on our lips, and at the forefront of our mind. Indeed knowing how Good God has been will encourage our faith whenever we face adversity, because we know without a doubt that Jesus who delights in us will bring us to a safe landing! #Verseoftheday #Bible #Devotional #HisDelight #Jesus #Adversity #Challenge #AfricanLanguage #Igbo

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