Forgetting what lies behind!

Verse of the Day

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, [NKJV] Philippians 3:13


Everyone likes to remember their past! Of course there are many things in our past which are pertinent for our future, have made us what we are today and some can say is a vital part of what we are today. However, there is a reason why our past is our past! In as much as one can recall the joys and victories of the past, our past is also littered with mistakes, failures and painful memories. Someone once said,” to focus on the mistakes and failures of the past brings paralysis of anguish and remorse”. We are encouraged in our today’s Bible reading, that action we need to take in order not to sabotage our future; the need to “Forget what lies behind”. If Jesus through His action, His death on the cross, brought us forgiveness of sins and says to us “Our Past is forgiven”; Who has covered up our past with His love and forgotten the unforgettable in our past lives, don’t we think it’s time we forgot all that lies behind us too? It is only when we’ve chosen to forget, to not let the mistakes of the past hurt us anymore, can we “reach forward to those things which are ahead” of us. Jesus’ redeeming grace that grants perfect peace has freed us from the shackles of our past mistakes! And it is because of that grace can we freely reach for our future, one filled with endless possibilities of fulfilling destinies. Now don’t you think that future is worth reaching for, don’t you think that future is forgetting all the mistakes of the past?? #Verseoftheday #Devotional #Bible #Jesus #EndlessPossibilities #Grace #Past #Mistakes #ForgettingThePast #ReachingForTheFuture

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