You don’t just need access you need possession!

Verse of the Day

Never stop praying. [NLT] 1 Thessalonians 5:17


You may get tired or praying, it may become monotonous, it may become boring, and you may feel it may not be yielding any fruits. But today I am reminded that if you pray, and keep on praying without stopping on a particular issue, The Lord will most definitely come through on that promise. Is there a situation you’ve been seeking the face of God on? Is there a much needed change you desire from God? Then don’t stop petitioning Him. Keep on persevering in your prayers and in no time you will start to see the fruits of your answered prayers. The Lord is always near to those who call Him. Don’t just give up, pray your way out of that situation, and you’ll be joyful that you persevered to the very end. Prayer gives you access to that key you need to your breakthrough, but more importantly praying without ceasing gives you possession of the key to unlocking the doors to your breakthroughs! Yeah I said it. You don’t just need access; you need to take possession of it! And when you’ve made up your mind not to stop praying, you’re already walking into your answered prayers! So which of the two would you prefer, access or taking possession? I know which one I would prefer, and it is my prayer that the Lord Jesus will continue to strengthen you as you pray your way out of every challenge that’s been making a mockery of the presence of the Omnipotence in your life. You will reap the fruits of your prayers, if and only if you don’t give up! #Verseoftheday #Devotional #Bible #Jesus #Challenges #Prayer #PrayerGivesAccess #ContinuousPrayerGivesPossession #DontStopPraying


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