You Dry Bones Live!


Again He said to me, “Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! Ezekiel 37:4 [NKJV]


Indeed there is no god like Jehovah! Only the Word of God can resurrect whatsoever that was once dead – lifeless, stagnant, not working, immovable, motionless – in your life back to life again! Only God can, not the word of any man or any other god that is NOT God, creator of the entire Universe [Elohim]! Whose name is Yaweh, He is the Great I AM! Thank you Jesus! Are you struggling with a dead finance, a dead vision, a dead hope, a dead future, and you’ve just about given up the will to LIVE? God is saying to you today, this moment, this very instant, speak to that situation, speak to that circumstance, COMMAND IT TO HEAR THE WORD of God and LIVE! Speak to it. It’s not by your power, or by your Might, But by the Spirit of God (Zechariah 4:6). Even God told us in John 6:63 that His words “are spirit, and they are life”. That’s the kind of power that backs every of God’s words you utter! His spoken words brings back to life, lifeless circumstances. So what are you waiting for? Prophesy to that “stagnation” that’s been crippling your life, and see if the words of God are not able to cause a transformation in your life! Don’t wait to see others doing it, try Him for your self today! Try Jesus today, and see if He will not do what He said He will do!

#SalvationPrayer: Here:

Prophesy- WordOfGod

#ThereIsNoGodLikeJehovah #HeAloneIsGod #HeIsFaithful #HeIsKind #HeisAwesome #HeIsPillarThatLifeIsBuiltOn #HisNameIsJesus #MessageOfChrist #Salvation

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