This is why I never give up!


But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” – 2 Chronicles 15:7 [NIV]


It’s going to be hard. You will face oppositions of diverse kinds. Do not let them discourage you. These oppositions will come to test your resolve. Don’t let them rule over you. You keep going on. You keep at it courageously, consistently and in confidence. God has told you that your focus, your resolve, your commitment will not go unrewarded. It has not all been in vain. Whatever you do for God, and for his honour and service, will never ever be overlooked.  If there’s anything I have learnt in my life is that every time I consistently show up, refusing to give up, God always shows up for me and rewards my efforts. Jesus has never failed me. And He will most certainly not fail you. So don’t try and count the time or how long it’s been, count it’s worth to God, and He will pay you in full.

#SalvationPrayer: Here:

But as for you,


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