My Life – about the Favour of God

Why name myself the life of a stranger called me? I started blogging when I arrived in blacksburg Virginia, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.

So as I walked through blacksburg side roads and its hills, I started to wonder why the Lord would want me here over the period I spent there. For many months I wondered and really prayed about it, and asked Him to teach me whatever lessons I needed to learn and quickly too. But I guess with our relationship, I was always too hard of hearing. A week just before I was due to return to the UK, I attended an amazing conference at the Radford Church of God, and there the Lord spoke to me clearly. I realised finally that my life have always been about the FAVOUR of God. And even though I might have to travel on the road that many don’t travel on, this is the life God had ordained for me.

So since I love blogging so much, and Love God, and find that the only time I don’t querry Him and accuse Him of making life unbearable for me lol, is only when I’m in His word. So I’ve decided to post the lessons I learnt during my time over there. Hopefully when I’m done I can also move over to lessons I’ve learnt here in Italy (seing as my mind being idle is too damaging to my walk with God). I have a really good feeling about this.

So come on over, I have something to tell you – GOD’S FAVOUR IS IMMUTABLE AND CANNOT BE REVERSED.