In a witness protection program for my own safety

So far, so near, so out of place.

Then one Sunday morning, in the quiet suburbia streets of Radford in a wonderful church a revelation which quickened my spirit and renewed my resolve was heard through my ears, which resounded in my Spirit and revived my soul. I finally realized, that I was not being punished for what I used to do or did, but because God must increase in my life and in my circumstance, I have had to face such. That even if I had given my life to God, God will and can still allow me to be in my prison, in isolation – John 3 vs. 22 – 26; 30; That sometimes we face situations, just so that God will be praised in our lives. You see prison is a place of isolation / bondage / can’t get out or in unless you are allowed – a place where you are left limited.

Then I realized that God had isolated me for a reason, a purpose – That He has put me in the right place so that He can speak to me. It dawned on me that I had been fighting situations that I haven’t been able to win, with the intension that I am prevented from trying to fix my problems. He brought to my remembrance that no weapons formed against me will prosper – but in the mean time, he has placed me in isolation in a witness protection program. But to remember that the witness protection program was only temporary, as he has gone already ahead to fix my stuff, and has brought me to a point where I only have Him to talk to and pray to, no distractions, disturbance, wondered thoughts, just me and Him. That the situation I find my self in has occurred because God must increase in my life.

My jaws fell, that aha moment – that realisation, that it wasn’t until John went to Jail that Jesus went to Galilee – That only when I decrease can God start moving in my life – Isaiah 40 vs. 31. So I am thankful to be chosen, and in my weakness and struggles God is made more perfect. And therefore rejoice all the more for His favour in allowing me to go though the building process in perfecting that which He started in me.


I guess y’all know I’ve been on some sort of training – carrying on with my spending of the food card they gave here, but WALK everywhere – in a bid to loose 5kg in 4 months. The last time I managed to loose 3kg in 6months, which was awsome. So anyways I remember telling a friend I was hoping to loose 5kg by just “trecking” – he laughed, he said nne, you will have to do more. Then I told myself, even if its 1kg, its better than anything.

So last week of June I started. 23rd of June to be precise. Weighed in yesterday 15th of August, I have lost 3kg – 6.6lbs in less than 2 months, and still 2 more months left. I am so happy. No wonder I’ve been looking so good in those jeans, I just thought it was a Anyways I celebrated by doing a 1 and half hrs walk.

You are the only one I need!!

I am so excited that we are nearing the end of 2007. You probably think I’m crazy right, like we are in the month of July, just past the middle of the year, what rubbish maths I’m I doing, I’m showing I’m a Math illiterate. LOL.

But the calendar I’m using is the Jewish calendar, which starts in October. So I’ve decide to do a run down series of the promises God gave me for this 2007, and how He has been faithful in bringing them to pass, even though we have less than two months left. Yey.

The Plan

So when I entered my 2007, I entered it believing it was my year of release. I had survived 2006, and had entered 2007, where seven represented a number for dominion, a number for rest. It was now my year of unbelievable, undeniable, unstoppable favour of God. However prior to entering into it, since I believed that it was my year of such favours, I had to prepare myself. No one goes to a dinner party at the Ritz in a swim wear, one need to make sure they are wearing the proper attire. Therefore the same applies here.

I realised that even though my favour had nothing to do with merit and deeds, my actions can still affect how much of it I get, and therefore I needed a PLAN. What I’m I trying to say?, that the favour of God will rest upon my life as long as I obey Him that sent me, as disobedience causes a reduction of the Favour. Take for example, Jonah – His life was spared (because God loved him anyways), but because he disobeyed he had to continue the rest of his journey in the belly of a fish, when it could have been a first class affair – Jonah 1 vs. 12 -17.

Another example is the life of Asa, King of Judah – 2nd Chronicles 14 – 16. He had ruled for 40 years, most of which He was not at war with anyone. Because he sought the Lord, the Lord gave him rest (2nd Chron. 14 vs. 7b). In seeking the Lord he removed everything detestable in his life that would bring a barrier in his relationship with God, repaired / worked on his broken relationship with God (2nd Chron. 15 vs. 8), and made a covenant with God (2nd Chron. 15 vs. 14). He was encouraged to continue the work on his relationship with God, because he believed Him faithful who was going to reward his efforts (2 Chron. 15 vs. 7).

However, towards the end he had become complaisant, took God for granted, forgotten all the wonders and good things God did for him, that when he needed help, he sought help elsewhere. In the end he was likened to a man who was running aimlessly (1 Corinth. 9 vs. 26), because one would wonder why all the original efforts if he wasn’t going to press on till the finishing line. For I do not want to be that man that preached to many and yet did not qualify for the prize. Like the pace setters in long distance races that goes into strict training, end up leading the pack, only not to get to the finishing line.

Therefore, since the eyes of the Lord ranges throughout the earth to strengthen those who are for Him (1 Chron. 16 vs. 9), and show Himself strong, I too want Him to continue showing Himself strong and bringing to pass all His promises for me. For this reason, my plan for 2007 is to be a woman who pleases God so that He will always be with me (2 Chron. 15 vs. 2). So I pray Dear Lord, do not forsake me, even if I do all the time behave rubbishy; for indeed you are all I need.

So dear readers, we still have a couple of months still left, what plan do you have? Next time I will be touching on how I became successful. I know check me out, thinking am all that!!

I have joined the choir at the church in Verona..hehehe.. I couldn’t bear the noise anymore, I am going to show and teach them how its supposed to be done. Had a wonderful first meeting with them yesterday, they know they sound VERY TERRIBLE and are willing to get whatever help needed.

We have started voice training and excercise. YIPPEE. I have just rememeberd I have been placed here for such a time as this. I didn’t say I was a great singer, but I have sung in concerts with pros. So here to more work for