You’ve not come this far only to Quit

Verse of the Day

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires. [NLT] Psalm 37:4


Its half way through the year, and maybe for some of us, some of the goals and plans you set out to achieve this year never quite gathered a momentum. Maybe you had some really high expectations that the initial hard work will set the pace for the dreams to become a reality. Or quite possibly because of how long it’s taking, you’ve maybe given up on that audacious plan and have now settled for a life less ordinary. Is this the response of many of you? You still mustn’t give up on that dream. The Word of the Lord says that He will grant you your heart’s desire. The desires of your heart will not go unfulfilled. All your hard work will one day come to fruition, only if you are willing to persist in it. I’m not sure if this is timely, but even I have found that some of my plans that I started out 2014 with, with such enthusiasm have started to wane. So sometimes, it’s good to do a reflection on where you are, what you’ve done so far and how much of the plan still remains to be completed. It’s true that there may still be much work to be achieved, but I’m sure if you were to look back at the last six months, you will see that there have been some milestones which you’ve reached, and that my friend, may not have been the ultimate, but it was still a goal that came to pass :D. You still have another six months to press even harder. This is not the time or the place to give up; and because you take #delight in #God, He will not rest until He has made you the golden wonder that you are :D. Keep pressing on! Your life and destiny is worth fighting for! #2014PlansReview #2014GoalsReveiew #HowWellImIDoing