Devotional 07.02.2014

Ask me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance and the ends of the earth as your own possession. [GWT] Psalm 2:8


I’m sure there were times when you were younger than you are now, when you went to see your dad about getting you “must have” gifts 🙂 And of course your dad being your hero, if it was something he could do, within his power, he did just that. Of course if you had someone like my dad, you probably get whatever you asked for up until the age of 7-8 and after that you had to come up with a reason, a dissertation / thesis of some sort why what you wanted was important, what the benefit of having it would make in your life and what daddy would get in return.. e.g., I promise to pass my exams, brush my teeth, not fight with U-g-o…and so forth… But I digress 🙂 Love my dad 😀

But our Father in heaven is saying to us here, to ask HIM? Are there things plaguing your mind that you would like a rest from or questions about our God our Father which you would like to know? Ask HIM! Are there uncertainties, mysteries, lack of clarity/vision which you would like to get a hold of? Ask God! Is there some nagging questions keeping you awake at night which no one has been able to help you with? Ask the Lord! He’s not like some or most fathers, whose powers are limited, who maybe put conditions on their love/gift giving, or who maybe were nowhere to be found or seen when you needed them the most. El Roi, our Father who is Strong and sees everything that we do, has ALL the answers. He is a loving and doting Father, whose only care in the world is YOU. Go to Him and see if He is not able to come through for you.  He is Jehovah Sabaoth, whose power is without ending, and His love for you has no limit or condition. Ask of Him, speak to Him, He hears, and He will answer you.