I will fear no evil!

Verse of the Day

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. [NKJV] Psalm 23:4


Such a powerful confession; such confidence in the ability of God to guide and protect however long, dark or difficult the journey or situation may be. Even when faced with such adversities, the psalmist declares a defiant standpoint “I WILL FEAR NO EVIL”. Why? Because He is convinced without a single shadow of a doubt that God, His God is with Him, protecting and shielding him from it all. Indeed, the knowledge that God is always with you is more than enough assurance that you have no need to fear any circumstance however deadly or dangerous they may be. You may be wearied and exhausted, you may be overcome by a life threatening illness, you may be facing all manners of adversity, you may be on death’s door, but do you know that you have no reason to fear them all? Do you know that God can and is able to guide, protect and bring you out of them all safely? Question is, are you ready to trust Him? Are you ready to trust Jesus? Do you know that no circumstance, NOTHING can ever separate you from the Love of Christ? He will and He can rescue you out of that messy situation. Why don’t you trust Jesus today? The Psalmist did, I did, and I can tell you, with Him by side, trusting in Him have helped me through many dark seasons of my life. Trusting Jesus has kept me standing and has given me a glorious hope of a blessed future! Why don’t you do the same today! #VerseoftheDay #Truth #God #Bible #TrustingJesus #DifficultSituations #ImpossibleSituations #Problems #Difficulty #Jesus #LackOfHope #Hopeless #HopelessSituation #IWillFearNot #IWillFearNoEvil

Devotional 06.02.2014

“O Sovereign LORD! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you! [NLT] Jeremiah 32:17

Nothing is ever difficult for God to do, neither are your dreams and desires too much for the Lord to bring to pass. He is the Sovereign Lord; He is the God of heaven and earth. All powers belong to Him, and nothing happens with his knowledge of it. Don’t let your spirit be downcast because of what is happening around you. You are not alone. Yes the dream may be a little too big, but that doesn’t mean God cannot make it happen. Everything will work out fine! You can count on God for that. I’ve known Him to be always faithful. Indeed, He has never disappointed me, and surely He will never disappoint you. Keep your faith alive and the fire of your faith burning! Your faith in Him will never be a displaced one. He’s definitely got the memo. He’s working some “things” out, your “things” to be more precise ;).  Don’t let the disillusion get the better of you! You’re much stronger that!