Devotional 10.12.2013

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. [ESV] Psalm 139:16


During the embryogenesis of you, as your cells divided and replicated to form a ball that later became an embryo that became a foetus that became you, God was there watching, writing out how every day of your life would be even before you were born / lived them. Yes life happened and at worst became so chaotic, that it made you wonder, if indeed God had pre-planned a life of wonderfully fulfilled purposes for you, what happened? The fact that you know now, that the chaotic mess you’ve found yourself in wasn’t in the original plan of the good life that was pre-planned for you by God; you can turn the turmoil to your advantage. Since you know you were not created and purposed to live a life of pain, shame, ruin and disgrace, but a successful life, then don’t let anyone keep beating you down with barrages of negativity. You are not a nonentity, nor are you worthless or useless. Now go and get your life back! You were created for greatness, not mediocrity or ordinariness. Ask the Lord Jesus to help you retrace your steps back to the path He predestined before you were formed to live and He will. Live it well to His glory!

Devotional 27.11.2013

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. [ESV] Psalm 63:3


Life without the love of Christ is nothing else but death. A person that has no share in the love of God is dead while he lives. Why you say? Because all the enjoyments of this life such as good health, wealth, honour, friends, and many more are meaningless without the love of Jesus Christ. You may say, but these are great blessings and I don’t need him to enjoy them, but you see, the love of Christ which is in itself a priceless blessing, can never ever be separated by death and lasts longer even after you die, even on to eternity. And because I have experienced this wondrous mercy of God in my life, which I know for a fact, far exceeds all the blessings of life; my lips will forever and ever praise His name. Thank you Lord for being a perfect blessing to me!