Who are you?

Verse of the Day

The woman became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She saw that he was a special baby and kept him hidden for three months. [NLT] Exodus 2:2


Even though Moses was not his mother’s first child, nor her first son (since she already had both Aaron and Miriam before him), Moses, following his birth was recognised to be special by his parents. It doesn’t matter what position you’ve been born into your family or the circumstances surrounding your birth. It doesn’t even matter if your parents/relatives/anyone was able to recognise from an early age how special God created you to be. It doesn’t matter what anyone around you may have said about you or is still saying concerning you; all that matters is what God says concerning you. And the word of God tells us that “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10). And because of Christ Jesus we have now been listed among those He calls “chosen, royalty, holy, God’s special possession, created to display the goodness of God all over our lives (1 Peter 2:9). Now isn’t that something. Next time you feel out of sorts, or trying to figure out who you are, always remember how special you are. Jesus died, just so you could be saved, and be free to live the life He created you to be. You’re just not an ordinary somebody, you’re quite extra-ordinary you know!

How’s your standing with God?

Verse of the Day

So Moses left Pharaoh’s court and pleaded with the LORD. The LORD responded by shifting the wind, and the strong west wind blew the locusts into the Red Sea. Not a single locust remained in all the land of Egypt. [NLT] Exodus 10:18-19

God honoured Moses’ request because Moses as a man obeyed God’s words faithfully – except for the time when he and the children of Israel were at the waters of Meribah when the children of Israel frustrated him to the point when he became angry and made a mistake, but that’s a story for another day. It was easier for Moses to go to God for a request on behalf of the people of Egypt and Israel and God heard Him. As seen from Moses’ example, being in a right standing with God, makes God that more accessible. Are there requests you’ve been waiting on God for? Are you in right standing with Him? If not, ask the help of the Holy Spirit. He will guide, show and enable you to understand the words and commands of God, and the benefits of being obedient to the commands of God. #Verseoftheday #RightStandingWithGod

Help is on its way


Verse of the Day 

Then a new king, who knew nothing about Joseph, began to rule in Egypt. He said to his people, “There are too many Israelites, and they are stronger than we are. We have to outsmart them, or they’ll increase in number. Then, if war breaks out, they will join our enemies, fight against us, and leave the country.” [GWT] Exodus 1:8-10


The Israelites became a target in Egypt because the king of Egypt saw how successful they were in everything they did and became afraid of them. The children of Israel were multiplying in number, growing in wealth and in all aspects of their lives, and this worried the Egyptian. Sometimes the challenges we face in life is truly of no fault of our own. Indeed the idea that “someone’s got it in for you” springs into mind, and most times you don’t know why the place of work/business you used to love all of a sudden becomes a nightmare of sorts. You may not realise this, but there is something super special about you, and just because you don’t know it, doesn’t mean others are not aware of it. Despite their sufferings, despite the plans of the king of Egypt to break their will, this did not stop the children of Israel from growing in number. I am here to tell you, that regardless of what might be happening currently in your life, in your home, in your place of work/business, you will survive it, and you will come out stronger, better and much more successful than before it all began. The Lord the God you serve is a living God. He has seen your plight, and help is on its way. Don’t give in to that situation just yet.

It makes a difference Having God as your Father

Verse of the Day

Then you will know that the LORD makes a distinction between the Egyptians and the Israelites. [NLT] Exodus 11:7b


Before the children of Israel could be rescued, they had to be reminded about the goodness and greatness of God. They had been enslaved for so long that they had probably given up on the idea of ever being freed/rescued, or if in fact the God of their fore-fathers was still in the business of answering heartfelt requests that was birthed from their sufferings. And when Pharaoh refused Moses’ messages from God, the Lord had to show to the Israelites that their God was a living One and not like the gods of the Egyptians. I’m sure when they were reminded the lengths Jehovah would go in order to rescue them from their distresses, I’m sure we don’t need to wonder how they would have felt at the time. The Lord Jesus, the Son of God says anyone who believes in Him, who believes in His teachings have salvation for their souls. And through our faith in Jesus Christ, God qualifies us as His children, and regardless of whatever we might be going through, He is more than able to show to us and the people around us, that there is indeed a benefit in having the Creator of the entire universe as our Father.

Your Miracle is No Coincidence

Verse of the Day

Pharaoh’s magicians tried to do the same thing with their secret arts, but this time they failed. And the gnats covered everyone, people and animals alike. “This is the finger of God!” the magicians exclaimed to Pharaoh. [NLT] Exodus 8:18-19a


When Moses presented himself before Pharaoh to give him the message from God, three times when he tried to prove to Pharaoh that God was with him, he turned his rod to snake, River Nile to blood and frogs teaming all over Egypt, and all three times Pharaoh’s magicians were able to copy him. Except for this one. The magicians knew the secret to their arts and how they could conjure up whatever they wanted. But when they tried this time around, they couldn’t. They must have exhausted their arts for them to say, “This is the finger of God”. Maybe there have been some breakthroughs that have been happening to you which some people feel could easily be explained, that is coincidental and can’t be all that supernatural and from God. Maybe you’ve been told there’s nothing exactly special happening to you, the fact that your boss favoured you, or you were “lucky” to have some great news concerning your finance, business or health, doesn’t mean that you’re all that special because of #Jesus Christ or your faith in Him. Not everything in your life that God does can be copied or be explained. Just because wonderful things are happening to you, doesn’t magically mean it’s a normal/natural occurrence. It’s because your life bears the mark of God, which He placed there with His finger. Your life is a miracle, remember that when next you feel out of sorts. #ExodusChallenge #VerseoftheDay #PlaguesinEgypt #PlagueNumberThree