A well watered garden!

Verse of the Day
The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. [NIV] Isaiah 58:11
I wonder if we all recall what a well watered Garden looks like? Exactly always looking well kept, bright, glorious, making its neighbours wishing theirs was like it. The Lord says He’s going to make you be like this Garden, like a spring that never runs out of water. No matter how hard your day may have been or the struggles, The Lord is reminding you of the glorious hope you have in Him if you don’t give up! Your future is bright, it’s filled with unending testimonies; don’t let your current circumstances make you give up on your glorious future. All is indeed well with all that concerns you. #VerseoftheDay #Bible #Jesus #Devotional #AWellWateredGarden #Hope #HopeOfGlory

On Locked down!

Verse of the day

Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter. Who is the King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty; the Lord, invincible in battle. [NLT] Psalm 24:7-8

Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter. Who is the King of glory? The Lord of Heaven’s Armies—he is the King of glory. [NLT] Psalm 24:9-10


There may be aspects of your life that may have not worked, that may have been on lock down for so long that it has now become ancient since you ever saw any kind of progress in that area. Maybe academically you started brilliantly, but somehow it’s been so long since you ever used your qualifications to do anything worthwhile. Quite possibly, you may have been married for so long, and there have not been any fruits of the marriage or it appears that the marriage has not experienced any kind of growth. Perhaps you’ve been in that career for so long, and no promotion seems to be forthcoming, or any progress visible. Don’t you think it’s time that whatever it is that may have kept your marriage, career, family and finances on lockdown be declared open. All you need do is to declare these gates that have locked your life off be opened for the Lord (Jesus) to come in; He is strong and mighty, He is mighty in battle to save his people, and to subdue every enemy of your lives progress. He is equal to the task. Don’t you know that all the powers in heaven and on earth belong to Him? Regardless of how rusted/stubborn the gates maybe, when Jesus shows up, they simply have no choice but to fling open. Invite Jesus into that situation, and you’ll find that He is that difference you’ve needed all along to burst open your locked down life.

Devotional 18.02.2014

Verse of the Day:

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. [NIV] Psalm 54:4

Certainly the Lord God, creator of the entire universe is your help! He will not only help you but He will also sustain you through that journey, that waiting period, that trial, that valley experience, that uncertainty! Remain encouraged! Don’t let what might be happening around you rob you of your joy or cause you to give up. It might be glaringly obvious that things are just not working out, but you mustn’t let that stop you. Keep on going strong. Your refusal to accept defeat with the knowledge that Jehovah will/is helping you is all you need to get to the finishing line. Have faith in #Jesus!