Success Is Relative

Verse of the day

And the man became rich and kept getting richer until he was very wealthy. [HCSB] Genesis 26:13


Isaac had become great because he listened to God and stayed in an area where many would have given up on because of the famine that had ravaged the land. And even though he was a foreigner/immigrant on a land he had no legal/lawful rights on, nor of any parental heritage, his obedience to God was rewarded, and God granted him success in that land. I’m sure after his success, he probably thought he had reached the peak, and therefore couldn’t get any better than what he had achieved. But the bible tells us that in spite of his great success, he still went forward in obtaining even more success. This means that even though he had reached his peak in becoming overwhelmingly successfully wealthy is all things; there was still room for him to become even greater than greatness in God. Isn’t it amazing how with God, there is indeed no limit! Now, are you in a place where you think you’ve become so successful in the areas of your Career, business, Ministry, finances that you’re thinking surely now that I’ve reached my peak, there’s no way I can advance any more than where I am? Are you about to exchange your life from what God has planned for you, because you’ve seemingly arrived? Regardless of how successful you think you’ve becomes, there is still so much more with God. Don’t get comfortable with all your past and present achievements, when with God there is still room for you to grow and attain much more height because that is the will and plan of God for your life. You may have attained a level of success, but God wants you to grow in your success. Stretch yourself, and keep your vision alive, there is still much more to attain with God.  #Verseoftheday #Devotional