Illuminated to shine

Verse of the Day

The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it,[a] for the glory[b] of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light. [NKJV] Revelation 21:23

You don’t need to go far seeking for things or people to make a success of your life. All you need is God, the creator of heaven and earth. With Jesus as your light, His glory will make you shine so brightly that His illumination on your life distinguishes you for greatness. Seek Him only, and every other thing in this life will be added unto you! You want to know the secret of success, not the kind the world gives, true success, seek Jesus and Him only; and you will never regret a day in your life! #Verseoftheday #Devotional #Bible #Jesus #Glory #Shine #Success #SuccessStory #SecretofSuccess #regret #TrueSuccess #Greatness

It all starts with a Choice!

Verse of the Day

He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them. [NKJV] Psalm 145:19


You can choose to focus on your life’s purposes, or you can focus on your problems. The choice is entirely left to you. But if I must add, if you choose to focus on your problems, know for certain that you end up losing sight of the bigger picture which you have a huge part to play in. You lose sight of the goal, which in itself could actually cost you your life worth. However, the moment you choose to regain your vision, your focus by steering away from the problems, and looking unto your maker, God, creator of the heavens and Earth, it’s almost as if the problem no longer seems as threatening as it/they once were. Removing your focus from the problems is not going to be easy, that is why it has to be a choice, only you can make. And if you’re still struggling with that decision, you may need to ask yourself some questions? Will you be driven by life’s pressures, guilt, disappointments, bitterness, frustration and materialism? Or will you let your life be driven by God’s purposes. Again the choice rests only with you. God’s word says when you choose to let your life’s decisions be driven by Him; He will fulfil the desires of your hearts. Isn’t that worth knowing? And you know He does exactly what He says. Yes the answer to that much needed relief may be taking a little while, but don’t let that distract your focus. He will make your life beautiful, after all, that it what He created you for, to display His GLORY, to display the wonders of His presence! You are wonder, you better believe that! Hallelujah Praise His name forever. #Verseoftheday #Bible #Devotional #Jesus #Purpose #Desire #God #Jesus #Glory #Presence #Beauty

Lost and Found

Verse of the Day

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” [NIV] John 16:33


During my long trip today, I had the opportunity to be left alone with my thoughts. As I went back and forth through it all, without the demands of a toddler asking me why the TV channel was fixated at the wrong one, or why his food is not quite to the temperature he prefers, I am reminded of a time long gone, and how it is now, the journey in between and how far the Lord has brought me. The future is not certain or guaranteed to any person, indeed it is not promised to any man, but I know of one who knows the future. And when you have Him with you, you can go through the journey of life with an unshakable hope that your future is secure at the hands of “the future maker”, Jesus! I don’t know what you might be struggling with in your present. Maybe the outlook is so bleak that you’ve considered giving in and ending it all. If you did, you will never get to see the glorious plans He has for your life. Yes challenges will come, but Jesus promises you that you will be victorious! Now that is the benefit having Him with you makes to your life’s experiences. I am a living testimony of that fact and truth. You may have lost your way, confused and at your wits end. But I am here to tell you, that having Jesus with you makes all the difference. He is the difference. And with Him, He is your only hope of Glory, and your guarantee to life, and life everlasting. Why don’t you try Jesus Today, He has all the answers to the burning questions keeping awake when you should be at rest. #Verseoftheday #Bible #Devotional #LostAndFound #Jesus #FutureMaker #JourneyFinisher #VictoriousLiving #Christ #HopeofGlory #Glory

Devotional 27.02.2014

Verse of the Day

The LORD will restore Jacob’s glory like Israel’s glory, although enemies have looted it and have destroyed its vines. [GWT] Nahum 2:2

The Lord says He will restore your splendour. Don’t think there’s any more to add! Maybe you’re feeling a little neglected, abandoned, with a bleak outlook because of all that is happening around you. The Lord says He’s going to add some wonderful colours back into your life, to make you glorious! The loveliness of a successful life that you were destined for that once eluded you, which you thought you may never be associated with, the Lord says He is restoring back. Get ready, sooner than you can ever imagine, glory is about to overtake you, and a life lived in great joy will forever be synonymous with your name. Amen and Amen.

Devotional 24.01.2014

The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. [NLT] Psalm 18:2

Ask the Lord to strengthen your faith and lean on Him for help as you navigate your way through your goals. Asking Him to be your rock means regardless of what happens; you know you can depend on HIM to help you in your time of need. Not only will He help you, He will shield you from the torrents of disappointments that may try to sabotage the success of your goals this year. Let Him help you, and you will find that there is indeed no god like Jehovah. Indeed there is no god like our Lord Jesus. Go to Him, and you will never be dismayed that you did. #Jehovah is a dependable God!

Devotional 23.01.2014

But you, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high. [NLT] Psalm 3:3

The Lord Jehovah is your shield, your glory, the one who lifts you up even after you think you’ve failed :). One person’s failed event could be another’s mock event. The practice one before the real test. Even after you’ve given it your best and you didn’t get the results you expected, don’t let that unsettle you. At least you’ve learnt what your strengths and weaknesses are, and should be ready for the next bout on the ring. And this time around, you will not fail. #A failure is only a failure because he thinks he is one! #A person whose head is held high by the Lord surely cannot be a failure? #It’s still full steam ahead working out our goals with the Lord by our side, and dusting ourselves up after a few “mock knock downs”.

Devotional 11.12.2013

I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and I know this very well. [HCSB] Psalm 139:14


The Lord says He’s made you remarkable and wonderful! Need I say more? Just in case you’re still in a quandary of what remarkable truly means :D, it means you are: Extraordinary, Amazing, Outstanding, Incredible, Astonishing, And Significant! He says He also made you Brilliant, Magnificent, Superb, a delight and pleasing. So next time, someone tries to define you by “words”/”characters” contrary to what God says concerning you, you should just know that they cannot be talking about you. They can’t! You cannot be remarkable and wonderful, and at the same time be a failure! It’s impossible! A brilliant and extraordinary person cannot be at the same time called a failure. Naa! NO! They can never be the same people. So too, you can NEVER EVER be synonymous with all forms of the definition of failure. You are too extraordinary to fail! Lord Jesus has made you a success, remember that when your mind/others tries to tells you otherwise.