How’s your standing with God?

Verse of the Day

So Moses left Pharaoh’s court and pleaded with the LORD. The LORD responded by shifting the wind, and the strong west wind blew the locusts into the Red Sea. Not a single locust remained in all the land of Egypt. [NLT] Exodus 10:18-19

God honoured Moses’ request because Moses as a man obeyed God’s words faithfully – except for the time when he and the children of Israel were at the waters of Meribah when the children of Israel frustrated him to the point when he became angry and made a mistake, but that’s a story for another day. It was easier for Moses to go to God for a request on behalf of the people of Egypt and Israel and God heard Him. As seen from Moses’ example, being in a right standing with God, makes God that more accessible. Are there requests you’ve been waiting on God for? Are you in right standing with Him? If not, ask the help of the Holy Spirit. He will guide, show and enable you to understand the words and commands of God, and the benefits of being obedient to the commands of God. #Verseoftheday #RightStandingWithGod

Devotional 29.04.2014

Verse of the Day

At that time the Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them. You will be changed into a different person. [NLT] 1 Samuel 10:6


I’m sure there have been times when you’ve thought “there must be more to life than this”? And because you lack the motivation/power/confidence/self-worth to try to make the changes you would like to see, you end up feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed, skewing your outlook in life. It doesn’t have to continue this way. You can still be that success story you desire to become. Those positive predictions you made in your younger years, of what you said you will become in future, are still very much attainable. All you need is the help of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is available to transform every dead/dormant/deactivated/forgotten dream in your life into living, working, successful realities. Don’t you think it’s time for a change? Don’t you think it’s time to end every “junk” talk that you’ve said concerning your life out of frustration? I think it’s time to ask the Holy Spirit for the power to transform you into the kind of person that is not easily overwhelmed / frustrated. Someone who understands their identity in Christ and whom Christ has created for greatness. Someone who will never give up on his idea/dream/goal, just because someone told them it was impossible or that it appears too good for them. Someone whom God will make a wonder and a marvel to his generation! Can I get an Amen!

Devotional 18.12.2013

by the power of miraculous signs and wonders, and by the power of God’s Spirit. [HCSB] Romans 15:19a


This is certain; God will accomplish His good works in you and through you. He has the power to. There may be areas in your life that needs a change, certain situations / occurrences that you’re fed up and literally have had enough of. The Lord still has the power to change situations and circumstance from bad to good to even better. He has the power to bring back to life non-existent relationships, marriages, careers, finances back to health. And it’s not a difficult thing for Him to do. Just because things may not be the way you want them doesn’t give you the excuse to give up. Your joy is worth fighting for, and through the Spirit of God, He has already made your life a miraculous sign and wonder to your generation.  Just because you don’t believe He has doesn’t negate the fact that He already has. Ask Him to give you the lens of faith to see your life the way He sees you. You can only fight the good fight of faith with a good lens of faith, which only Jesus can give.