Devotional 28.01.2014

If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” [NASB] Psalm 11:3

A wrong foundation makes it impossible to build anything! And as we said yesterday, a badly constructed infrastructure built on a well-meaning foundation will still not stand the test of time. But out of the two, there is still hope for the latter, for indeed if he were to retrace his steps he will see his wrongs, and ask God for help in re-building the structure the way it ought to be built. But for the former, he can do nothing to save the building nor do any good works of himself, since the very foundation of his works is precarious. There is no principle/motive that will work; nor will there be an end to his efforts of trying to fix the building – since the fundamental truths/the very base of his work is false. What then should he do? Let us endeavour to build one another up on our most holy faith, on the truth that the Lord #Jesus, who is indeed the Rock of all ages past, present and to come, is for surety a firm foundation. A foundation on which our fellowship with one another and the buildings of our hope and goals for our lives will forever be built on! #Why don’t you try Him today, and see the difference having Jesus makes in your life!