Prison of Hope!

Verse of the Day

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. [NIV] Zechariah 9:12


There are times during the development of your dream/your idea/your goal/your plans, when your hope in it all ever coming to a realization seems to have turned into a prison; or you into a prisoner of some sorts. You cannot make your dreams come true, and at the same time, you cannot let it go by deciding not to believe in them. It’s almost as if you’ve come to a point where giving up on your dreams ever coming true means accepting that it was wrong for you to have ever dreamed/believed that you were much more than the life you are leading.  Even worse, the dream only seems real only to you, but not to others around you. It’s quite possible you’ve started to be seen as a dreamer, a lazy person, who talks about achieving greatness, even though all the work you’ve put in in making the dream a success has all been forgotten by those around you, since the dream has refused to come true. Your hope has not only turned you into the tittle tattle of your friends and neighbours, but your sanity is now in question, as you’ve started to wonder if you were crazy to have ever believed in that dream in the first place. Yes, you may have been caught in a prison of hope, but Jehovah is reminding you, YES, you, that you mustn’t get weary. He’s calling you to come back to that fortress of Hope, to come back to trusting Him again. To trust Him in spite of if those promises from Him has taken so long. To trust Him, regardless of what your mind is saying or even others around you are saying. To trust Him, even when it seems that His dreams given to you might be too big to come through. To trust Him! And because you’ve held on, in that fortress of trust, He will not only make your dreams a realization, but it would be twice as much as you could have ever imagined! Can you imagine, He says He’s going to give you a double portion for all of your troubles! I don’t know about you, but I sure want a double of whatever God is going to give me. It may not be easy, being a laughing stock may not be pleasant, and being the most talked about person because of your dreams may not be easy, yes the waiting may not be easy, but in the end, your hope backed up with a renewed trust and faith in God, will be worth it! Halleluiah, Thank you Jesus! #Verseoftheday #Devotional #Jesus #PrisonOfHope #PrisonerOfHope