Devotional 24.03.2014

Verse of the Day

I will give you every place on which you set foot, as I promised Moses. [GWT] Joshua 1:3


God says everywhere you set your foot on, He will give to you. It’s a promise, it’s a commitment. When God makes a commitment to bless you, be rest assured that He will not let it pass unfulfilled. He never forgets his promise. What promises has God made to you? Do you want to climb the career ladder in your workplace? Do you want to own the property where you’ve been staying, or renting for your business? Is there a high brow area you’ve been visiting that you would like to have as your postcode? The Lord says He can give it to you. Question is do you believe? #Question: If you believe God can, what are you currently doing in your life that confirms this knowledge; or how does the knowledge impact your daily life? And if you don’t think He would/could, what is stopping you from believing and what would you do differently if you did expect God to keep his promises? #JoshuaChallenge

Devotional 28.02.2014

Verse of the Day

But on Mount Zion will be deliverance; it will be holy, and Jacob will possess his inheritance. [NIV] Obadiah 1:17


Maybe someone around you may have dishonoured / violated / desecrated you in one way or another, leaving you with a feeling of shame / disgrace / humiliation. The Lord says there will be judgement. And while He is judging what transpired, He will deliver/restore you back to your rightful place. You will not only regain and take back all that belongs to you which you may have lost, but He will also make you holy / blessed / righteous. So even though you may have fallen on account of abuse at the hands of others, you will rise again, and even though all you may be seeing now is darkness, the Lord says He will be your light (Micah 7:18). Look unto Jesus, and all the grime that once clouded your once gorgeous life, will be wiped clean. He will help you see clearly into your wonderfully glorious future. You’re not written off yet! Your best days are on their way!