Help is on its way


Verse of the Day 

Then a new king, who knew nothing about Joseph, began to rule in Egypt. He said to his people, “There are too many Israelites, and they are stronger than we are. We have to outsmart them, or they’ll increase in number. Then, if war breaks out, they will join our enemies, fight against us, and leave the country.” [GWT] Exodus 1:8-10


The Israelites became a target in Egypt because the king of Egypt saw how successful they were in everything they did and became afraid of them. The children of Israel were multiplying in number, growing in wealth and in all aspects of their lives, and this worried the Egyptian. Sometimes the challenges we face in life is truly of no fault of our own. Indeed the idea that “someone’s got it in for you” springs into mind, and most times you don’t know why the place of work/business you used to love all of a sudden becomes a nightmare of sorts. You may not realise this, but there is something super special about you, and just because you don’t know it, doesn’t mean others are not aware of it. Despite their sufferings, despite the plans of the king of Egypt to break their will, this did not stop the children of Israel from growing in number. I am here to tell you, that regardless of what might be happening currently in your life, in your home, in your place of work/business, you will survive it, and you will come out stronger, better and much more successful than before it all began. The Lord the God you serve is a living God. He has seen your plight, and help is on its way. Don’t give in to that situation just yet.

Devotional 14.05.2014

Verse of the Day

And I will cause the Egyptians to look favorably on you. They will give you gifts when you go so you will not leave empty-handed. Every Israelite woman will ask for articles of silver and gold and fine clothing from her Egyptian neighbors and from the foreign women in their houses. [NLT] Exodus 3.22


When the time came for God to deliver His children, the people of Israel, it was not a good time for their masters the Egyptians. Infact, they would have preferred anytime but that time. Why you ask? The Egyptians had gone through a series of plagues, diseases and deaths because their leader and king, Pharaoh refused to let the children of Israel go. The Egyptians were in a state of unending sorrow, and mourning because of what was happening around them, yet the Lord encouraged the Children of Israel, that before they make the journey, they should “ask” the Egyptians for some gifts for the road. Of course anyone in their right mind would see that, when a man or woman is out of sorts, it’s not the right time to ask them for favour, gift and the likes. But the Lord told the children of Israel to ask. And asked they did, and received they did. Is there someone in a place of authority that you need to receive favour from, and you’re a little worried, because you’ve heard he/she is always in a bad mood? The Lord is telling you, GO FOR IT! You have the favour of the Lord Jesus Christ with you, and for that reason, your time of favour is now, and you my dearest will not be denied of what you’re asking! #Verseoftheday #Exodus

Devotional 03.12.2013

To the Israelites at the foot of the mountain, the glory of the LORD appeared at the summit like a consuming fire. [NLT] Exodus 24:17

According to “Gill’s Exposition” of this verse he said and I quote:

“When God spoke out of the cloud, the glory of the Lord flashed out like devouring fire; it was not devouring fire, but it was like it; it was like a great blaze of fire, which consumes all that is in its ways; it was such a large body of light, and so clear and bright, that it looked like devouring flames of fire; and being upon the top of the mount was very visible, and seen at a great distance in the eyes of the children of Israel throughout, their camp.”

Now if this same GLORY of God is risen to shine OVER our lives [Isaiah 60:1], surely we know what this means! Every situation/problem/circumstance making a mockery of our lives has been consumed by the glory of God, and that’s why it’s time we no longer allowed those turn of events in our lives dictate how we lived. It’s time you got up and took your place. The glory of God in your life has loosened you from every chain of problems that tried to keep you in bondage. In Jesus name. Amen.