Devotional 20.12.2013

Announce this among the nations: Prepare yourselves for war. Wake up the warriors. [GWT] Joel 3:9


We all know how we see ourselves, but I ask you, how do you think Jesus sees you? Now that is the more important question. Because how you see yourself and how God sees you are sometimes never the same. We’re still on the fight of faith, still on the question of “what lens are you looking through”? The truth is certain situations may have made you so weak, that there’s nothing left in you to fight. Aside from being “Chosen”, God adds that He’s made you a remarkable, wonderful, Extraordinary, Amazing, Outstanding, Incredible, Astonishing person [Psalm 139:14], there’s no shame in that. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you’re not it. Now what lens are you looking through? You know that temporary setback, that trial of your patience, those tests of your endurance and that period of adjustments are not permanent problems there to frustrate you. Truth is you’re tired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t muster the strength to fight your fight of faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God is your lens of faith. Ask Him to show you how He views you. Ask Him how He sees you. Ask Him what He sees when He focuses on you. Ask Him, Ask Him, Ask Him what He sees when He looks at you. And believe me, after you’re done asking, you will never again fear any form of defeat in 2014 and in the years to come!

Devotional 19.12.2013

Then he touched their eyes and said, “Because of your faith, it will happen.” [NLT] Matthew 9:29


Is your lens of faith distorting your focus? Is it causing you to see what is not there by magnifying/multiplying a problem, or generally making you feel pain? Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that what we think is a long-lasting and oppressive problem is in fact a temporary irritation. A lot of the time, the aggravations we face, are not actually problems but more so, trials of patience, tests of endurance or a period of adjustments. These discomforts in the end always go. The issues that disquieted me in the past are not the ones trying my patience now. But I know for a fact that they too will go. It’s all to do with my lens of faith. What lenses are you using? Are you using a magnifying lens to magnify the irritations or are you seeing them as they are? A temporary setback only there to help you to be a little bit more patient? You can only fight the fight of faith with the right lens, which only Jesus can give. The right lens is what you need in order to see your goals and visions clearly; the right lens is what you need to get to your success story this 2014.

Devotional 18.12.2013

by the power of miraculous signs and wonders, and by the power of God’s Spirit. [HCSB] Romans 15:19a


This is certain; God will accomplish His good works in you and through you. He has the power to. There may be areas in your life that needs a change, certain situations / occurrences that you’re fed up and literally have had enough of. The Lord still has the power to change situations and circumstance from bad to good to even better. He has the power to bring back to life non-existent relationships, marriages, careers, finances back to health. And it’s not a difficult thing for Him to do. Just because things may not be the way you want them doesn’t give you the excuse to give up. Your joy is worth fighting for, and through the Spirit of God, He has already made your life a miraculous sign and wonder to your generation.  Just because you don’t believe He has doesn’t negate the fact that He already has. Ask Him to give you the lens of faith to see your life the way He sees you. You can only fight the good fight of faith with a good lens of faith, which only Jesus can give.