The Truth is never hidden

Verse of the Day

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. [NIV] Psalm 139:15


Have you allowed a lie or many variations of it to master you? Have you allowed it to get a foothold into your life, letting it erode your hopes and dreams? Was it because it was easier to believe the lie instead of seeing the truth for what it is. Some times what you know for certain about the Sovereignty of God is more than enough for you to see the truth for what it is! That God created you to reflect the glory of His goodness! You don’t need anyone to tell you or teach you the truth. It is never hidden, it’s not that difficult to find? Just because the lie has clouded your mind into believing the truth is not for the like of you; still doesn’t stop the truth from being the truth, doesn’t stop the truth from being what God says is “TRUE”! God is so confident about the truth of all He says concerning you, about your glorious destiny, about you, that no lie of the enemy can ever stop it from becoming a realisation. Don’t you think it’s also time you became confident in the assurance of God, in His truth, which can never be hidden in your life, which He says in Isaiah 55:10-11 will definitely be realised in your life? Don’t you think it’s time you started believing the truth?  #VerseoftheDay #Devotional #Bible #Jesus #Secret #Truth #Hidden #lies #untruth #God

Betrayal does not mean Denial

Verse of the day

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?[ NLT] Numbers 23:19


Many of the reasons why many of us don’t receive the full promise of God is maybe because we often bring Him to the level of men by our thinking. Because we were once victims of abuse, betrayal, broken promises and lies and many lies at the hands of men, when faced with having to wait for the fulfilment of God’s promise on that desired goal, we give up on the promise because we think it won’t happen due to our previous experiences suffered at hands of people; thereby equating God to man. Just because you have been betrayed by people does not mean that God is going to do the same, that maybe that long awaited dream is taking so long to find fulfilment in your life because God changed his mind. God can be trusted you know, we are reminded here that He is not a man that is susceptible to changing his mind, lying and breaking promises. God is not like that. He can be trusted, He can be relied upon, and He NEVER fails to act on your behalf. He will do exactly what He’s told you in His book that He will do for you. That desired/promised change may be taken longer than it should, but that doesn’t mean that the delay is because He’s forgotten or that He’s changed His mind concerning you. Have faith, God is still at work on your behalf.

Finding out the Truth

Verse of the Day

And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth. [NLT] Acts 17:11


Today during my group’s ritual morning tea/coffee break, the topic of religion became the subject of our conversation. And at the end of it, one thing that was on a repeat dial, etched in my memory throughout my morning and afternoon was how grateful I am to have my very own personal “Words of God” in the form of my Bible. Because I have my own copy of the Bible, I never need to ever rely on someone else’ interpretation of what they think the Bible which is the written words of God is saying. Since their interpretation would always be subjective to motive, and could maybe have a mixture of truth and untruths, you know like flat out lies :D. Having your own copy of the written words of God, helps you to search out the truth and be able to identify when fakers are trying to brainwash you :D. But more importantly having access to the words of God gives you the freedom to form your very own relationship with your Maker at your own pace, not relying on a designated “higher spiritual human” to lead you astray for lack of understanding. Today after my morning break I realised how fortunate I am to have my own relationship with my Maker, formed by my daily understanding of His words. Not having to wait for gathering sessions to be told things that will be way beyond the remit of my understanding since I will not have been educated enough (by personal study) to understand what it means to be a child of the Most High! Just because someone says something is true doesn’t make it so. It is your responsibility to find out for yourself what is true and what is not. And regardless of your level of education – whether educated or not – God will still meet you at your point of understanding, and you will know what true freedom in God truly is. #Reflection #FreedomInChrist #ThankGodForMyBible #ThankGodForHisWords #ThankGodForTheGospel  #VerseoftheDay