Devotional 13.01.2014

Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically. [NLT] Romans 12:11

It’s great to be in the land of the living and a wonderful morning to you too.

By now, you’ve probably settled your mind on your plans and have tried to lay all the necessary foundations in order to get it off to a great start. You’ve probably woken up this morning, and it appears that some of the excitement you once had, has all of sudden been replaced with a kind of uneasiness, due to the stark realisation of the magnitude of the work/task to be done. In fact, merely thinking of it all may have left you a little breathless. Don’t let your focus be distorted by your mind! Don’t let your passion continue to be a figment of your imagination. Do with your might every task your hand finds to do, and do it well with so much zeal. Don’t let the magnitude of the work derail you from getting to the finishing line. You may have been told, what you would like to achieve this 2014 is way too many and unrealistic, I say to you “With man indeed they are impossible, but with God all things are possible”. So don’t let the mountain of work overwhelm you, work hard, and while you’re doing that too, remember to serve the Lord this 2014. #Is your 2014 off to a great start? #Be careful with whom you’re listening to! #No quitters invited, permitted or needed! #Hard work always pays!

Devotional 10.01.2014

Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain. [NASB] Psalm 127:1

And finally my dearest friends, after we have put in so much skill and effort in drawing out the right plan for the year, sat down and evaluated the costings of the plan to make sure the unexpected unexpected is taken into consideration and amply prepared and ready to go, if we have not acknowledged the Lord #Jesus throughout the process, then we shouldn’t have any reason to expect our work to be blessed with His success. Without God’s involvement in it all, our carefully thought out and laid out plan may have all been in vain. Only He can crown it all with the right success. Therefore, regardless of what we want achieved this 2014, look to Jesus for help. And He will help you. Only He knows the right way we ought to go. If you’ve already made your plans without #God, don’t despair, ask for His help today, and He will. And if you’re still on the drawing board, go to Him for Inspiration and guidance, and He will do just that. He’s the one from whom all knowledge and blessings flow. Don’t leave anything to chance! Get the right direction from the start, that way you can be rest assured that success will be guaranteed. #And may your year be filled with all things wonderful. #Now go get your dreams! #You can achieve anything you set your mind to do, the constellation is only the beginning! 😀

Devotional 09.01.2014

“Suppose you want to build a tower. You would first sit down and figure out what it costs. Then you would see if you have enough money to finish it. [GWT] Luke 14:28


While we’re all trying to develop our plans for this year, lets also remember, regardless of what it is or its magnitude, there will be some expenses we must consider, and the plans will have some perils. Don’t expect smooth sailing, sit down and figure out the #cost of the dream. Yes you will need resources to see some of your dreams actualised this year, and it will cost you something, sit down and work out what it will cost you. You will go through some trying times – putting your best plans forward will not be an easy task – but you mustn’t let the size of what you want to achieve deter you from forging ahead. You mustn’t let that stop you from pushing through. Slackness or fear is not permitted. And because you have worked out the expected and the unexpected, the unexpected unexpected will never take you by surprise. And with the #Lord on your side, you’re already closer to the finishing line. #Figure out the cost of the dream quickly! #A dreamer who is woefully prepared is still a dreamer. #How’s your 2014 Plans coming along? #By now I hope you’ve done your Accountability Check? #The year has already started and I hope you’re costings have been done 😀 !

Devotional 08.01.2014

Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house. [NLT] Proverbs 24:27

An indecisive man is unstable in all his ways. [HCSB] James 1:8


A good plan may not always come together as previously thought out, and it is true that many may end up unrealised, but the chances of the success of the plan is all in the preparation. Many successful men/women will tell you that they didn’t just wake up one day and went with the way the wind blew. They will tell you, they had their ideas penned and narrowed to a focus. They will tell you that it didn’t just end there, that having a focus was the beginning of the journey. They will tell you too that when they asked #God to be involved in their plans/preparation, the #journey no longer became a #burden. They will tell you also that even though they didn’t see results immediately, that though the journey came unstuck at times, the results they ended up with were worth the journey. So, if you’ve started your new year, still undecided, with no focus, plan/preparation and God in the mix, then don’t expect to get clear results. Or rather, when Gill, who has narrowed down her focus and worked towards making it a reality gets the results she’s after, there shouldn’t be any room for why me/pity party. #Challenge yourself to see your goals achieved this year! #How’s your 2014 Plans coming along? #Have you done your Accountability Check? #No time for indecisiveness.

Devotional 07.01.2014

Then Elijah stood in front of them and said, “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” But the people were completely silent. [NLT] 1 Kings 18:21


Sometimes in life being on the fence or rather being in the middle is usually the best strategy in being sociable. That is to say, I have my views, but I’ll rather keep it to myself just so that I don’t upset anyone / I may not agree with what you’re doing, but it’s best I don’t let you know, because I don’t want you to feel so bad. But many even appear to apply these views to their lives. It’s glaringly obvious even to the Newspaper man that some indecisive decisions you’ve been making have not been so good, YOU KNOW THIS TOO, but you’ve chosen to be on the fence about it, deluding/deceiving yourself. But sometimes it’s good to tell yourself some home truths. It helps you pinpoint where it went wrong and how you can improve upon it. #Playing it safe should not be in your #vocabulary this year. #Wavering from one decision to another should not be part of the #dynamics of your decision making this year. #Confusion in your thought process is not permitted! It’s time you started making room in your life to accommodate some firm decisions you would never in your wildest dream have made. It’s time you took a decision and followed it through. It’s wake up time!

And, there is NO controversy, nor will there ever be a comparison between God and Baal! My opinion still remains firmly, THE LORD JEHOVAH, He alone is GOD! There’s nothing to whiffle waffle about concerning this! #How’s your 2014 Plans coming along? #Accountability Check #No time for dillydallying #It’s make your decision time!

Devotional 03.01.2014

O LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me. [NASB] Psalm 30:2
Thank you Lord Jesus because our success story will be birthed this 2014. And we know that there will be some birth pains before certain breakthroughs are birthed in our lives. Thank you Lord that all the discomforts, aches, irritations, distress or hardships that we will ever go through this year, has already been soothed, healed,  settled, removed and eliminated in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Lord for this wonderful assurance we have in you. #New Year plans in place.

Devotional 30.12.2013

What if the LORD had not been on our side? [NLT] Psalm 124:1c


As we come to the cusp of 2013, looking back through 2013, without a shadow of a doubt, there has been some really low points, some high points and some steady days, but we made it through, and for this we are truly thankful. Thank God for helping and assisting us through the storms of life, for supporting and strengthening us when the journey became too challenging and overwhelming; for shielding and defending us in difficult circumstances. Indeed, if it had not been for Him, helping and showing us the way we should go, we probably would have been marooned and left for dead in some forsaken place. But thank God for God and for all He did for us in this 2013. #Counting down to the New Year! To 2014!