Devotional 04.02.2014

“I know that you can do everything and that your plans are unstoppable. [GWT] Job 42:2


Many of us may have one way or another, maybe through family, friends or even colleagues have had a theoretical knowledge of The God of Heaven and earth, and not a practical knowledge of Him. Hence why when someone says “I’ve found Him to be a doctor in a sick-room, or a lawyer in a courtroom” it’s a little difficult to relate with, since you feel, I’ve never had a practical / physical knowledge of Him, so therefore He doesn’t exist. But like most things, if you want to see/feel an example, you will need to one, be open minded that God exists and, two actively seek this out to find out if there is any truth about it. Yes “Job” knew that God existed, but it took him to have a practical dealing (if that is a right word) / experience God in a new way, for him to know for certain that God, not only could do all things, but that God also had a right to do whatever He pleases. And that ultimately whatever God chooses to do He usually did very well, wisely and in a righteous way. And that having God by your side, you become practically unstoppable. So next time, you’re wondering if God is God, try finding out for yourself by asking Him to show Himself to you. Enough of all the theoretical knowledge about Him, the practical knowledge of Him is what will sustain you throughout your lifetime, and those of your loved ones. Why don’t you try Him today! You will never regret it!