Devotional 22.10.2013

I alone am the one who is going to wipe away your rebellious actions for my own sake. I will not remember your sins [anymore]. [GWT] – Isaiah 43:25


A life filled with REGRET is a wasted one; a wasted life is a meaningless one. And your life is not a meaningless one. The fact that you are alive today is enough to remind you that you are living in your future – and not the past. And since the past is gone, it has no business/bearing in your today. Decide today that you will make your existence count that you will leave behind an indelible mark in your world, a reminder that will remain for many generations. You are way too important to live a life of ridicule and obscurity. Don’t let the mistakes of your youth dictate how to live your now. Let it go, for even God is telling you, He no longer remembers the errors of your past.

Devotional 21.10.2013

Forget what happened in the past, and do not dwell on events from long ago. [GWT] – Isaiah 43:18


So you made a First class honour with your University degree and immediately became the youngest rising CEO of your youth / started working in a top 4 law firm in the world. Excellent, but where are you today. What have you done with yourself / achieved in the meantime. You can’t keep riding on your past glories. The past is gone, and yes, it is there to spur you on, but it’s what you’re doing today that makes you relevant, not where you used to be. Focus on your goals, on your vision, and Focus on God, He will make you constantly relevant in everything you do.

Devotional 18.10.10

And just as each person is destined to die once and after that comes judgment, [NLT] Hebrews 9:27

The living at least know they will die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered. [NLT] – Ecclesiastes 9:5


It is a truth that we must all die and we will be judged, but it doesn’t mean for that reason you should then throw in the towel by giving up since regardless of what you do it all adds up to being pointless. Yes it is appointed that we must all one day die, but while you are living, while you are still here, live a life that pleases your maker. It only counts as meaningless, when you have nothing to show for it. You have been given a vision, a voice, a purpose, live them well and in Christ Jesus. And when it is time to go, your mind won’t dwell on the fact that you have to die, but instead you made your life count. For indeed your story will be, MY LIFE WAS MEANINGFUL, it was never lived chasing after the wind. Your life will never be a meaningless one in Christ Jesus.

Devotional 17.10.2013

So I came to hate life because everything done here under the sun is so troubling. Everything is meaningless—like chasing the wind. I came to hate all my hard work here on earth, for I must leave to others everything I have earned. [NLT] – Ecclesiastes 2:17-18


It doesn’t have to come to this point. You still have that opportunity that many who are no longer here have. You may say yes, I love my life, it’s exactly how I wanted it to be; and so I don’t need to worry about after, since no one knows, but is it a gamble you are willing to take? Regardless of how successful you are, WITHOUT Jesus Christ at the Helm, your life is no better than any others, since the grave will still receive it, and it gives you no choice 🙂 But being alive, being here now, you have that choice. Make the right one today and Choose THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, HE IS THE ONE WHO has the power over the grave. You can still enjoy the fruits of your labour both while you are living and after you’re gone.

Devotional 16.10.2013

The wise have eyes in their heads, while the fool walks in the darkness; but I came to realize that the same fate overtakes them both. [NIV] – Ecclesiastes 2:14

It doesn’t matter if you are wiser than everyone you’ve ever come in contact with / the chief adviser to all the word leaders or you happen to be more in the know than that foolish friend, neighbour, colleagues / companion or yours. Without Jesus Christ in your life, the same fate awaits you both! Why? Because after you are dead and gone, your deeds will not be worth much in the place you will be going. With Him, you have hope, not just for this life, but for the one after. Choose wisely, as you walk on this path called life.

Devotional 15.10.2013

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. [NIV] – Proverbs 21:30


No execution of any design/plan can work without God being in the centre of it all. If they are in opposition to the plans God has for your life they are not for you. Of course plans of destroying the work of God / His church will not work since God obviously will not be involved in such a planning :), so too, plans you’ve made for your life, without God they will all become EXERCISES IN FUTILITY, why? Because, you will have to leave them for another when the time comes. But in it all, did you build a legacy that cannot be destroyed by death? A GODLY legacy that remains after you’re gone and is recorded in heaven?

Devotional 14.10.2013

But when I turned to look at all that I had accomplished and all the hard work I had put into it, I saw that it was all pointless. [It was like] trying to catch the wind. I gained nothing [from any of my accomplishments] under the sun. [GWT] – Ecclesiastes 2:11


Regardless of how well you have done here on earth, the heights you have attained, the name you have built, the multi-billion pounds business empire you have acquired, the academic breakthrough you have obtained, WITHOUT CHRIST IN YOUR LIFE, It WAS ALL POINTLESS. It’s like chasing after the wind. For indeed when you are six feet under, one day, a reckoning is coming. You may not believe it now, and may not believe in life after death, but a day is surely coming, when all you have achieved without Christ will be weighed and found not good enough. Have you checked your life lately?